Kindersoaps DreamTime Soap

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Kindersoaps DreamTime Soap is intended for you who have sensitive skin that is prone to acne flare-ups, and especially those with reddened skin on the face when aggravated by stress or external pollutants. This soap helps to soothe the inflammation, albeit perhaps only temporarily because of the vast number of underlying causes to your skin condition. The sophisticated blend of scents of the essential oils is quite a treat in itself.

Usage instructions:

Use on face, body, hair. This soap has a rather grown-up bouquet of scents, owing to the essential oils – lavender, roman chamomile, geranium, rosemary, tea tree, and patchouli to ground them all. I personally find it quite indulgent to use in the shower! The scent lingers for a short while on your skin, but my oh my the bathroom will smell heavenly! Rich and creamy when used directly on hair or bath puff/sponge. Lathers up quite nicely in the palm of your hand too.

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