Khind Antique Stand Fan 14″ SF141 (Metal) 38W to 50W Full metal body

Product Details

Passion & HeritageThe Khind Antique Stand Fan is a fan of heritage. It has a full metal body and metal blades as well. This fan aesthetic demonstrates your passion for antiquity and class. The fan is completely solid and durable, to last you a really long time.

Breezy FeaturesThe Khind Antique Stand Fan comes with 3 speed selections to choose from. Now you can adjust your fan’s speed according to the speed of the breeze that you want. Maybe the fastest speed when you are home after a jog or the slowest one when you are idling. The breeze of the fan and the smooth oscillation are very silent allowing you to take naps and sleep in comfortable silence.

Safety PrioritisedThe fan is completed with a thermal safety fuse that removes all worry of overheating motors or sudden electrical surges that may damage the fan. Now you do not have to worry about your family and your property anymore thanks to this safety feature. There is also a built-in reinforced front guard that protects your little ones from the blades. The height is of course adjustable for your utmost convenience.

One of a Khind is a brand synonymous with value-for-money home consumer appliances and since its inception, Khind has always sought to be at the forefront of bringing great innovative products and ideas to consumers. From its popular ‘Anshin’ series of rice cookers; to Aedes Busters; to EyeCare range of desk lamps; and to its ‘Black Beauty’ dual rotating ceiling fans – Khind has brought much joy and happiness to many consumers around the country.

  1. AyiepJeff91
    3 reviews

    Mudah dan Praktikal

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 14, 2018

    Kipas angin ini memang terbaik. Anginnya kuat dan tidak bising. Mudah digunakan dan amat praktikal.

  2. Blqshqr9081
    31 reviews

    The fan that stands firmly

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 10, 2017

    Lately, we are feeling really hot in the office. Aircond was on but not function well. So im suggesting to my bos to buy a fan. A stand fan. Actually, I have one at my home. And thats is why im suggesting to buy KHIND Fan. This is because im very satisfied with the breeze and has 3 speed. Its cool and vintage. It looks awesome. Value our money and safe. Not easily broken or damage because its made of metal. Stand firmly. Not easily covered with dirt. Im very satisfied with Khind Fan.

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