Khind 8L Oven Toaster

Product Details

This Khind OT-08SS oven toaster specially features with a crumb tray for you to toast your meal deliciously. Thus, now you can serve your food with all its wonderful tastes.

Key Features 

Oven Capacity

  • The Khind OT-08SS oven toaster comes with a 8L capacity which is big and wide enough to toast a large amount of your foods.

Compact Size

  • Although it has a wide capacity, however it is compact in size with its elegant design. So you can conveniently move it from place to place or carry along to short trip.

 Timer Setting

  • It also comes with a 15 minutes timer setting which allow you to preset your time, so you can do all your stuff while you are toasting your food.

Multi Heater

  • This oven toaster also comes with a multi heater selector which allow you to select your desired heat according to the meal you served.
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