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Made from the same recipe as  mantous, the flower rolls of twisted dough are irresistibly light and fluffy, with a natural sweetness that goes perfect with any Chinese dish.

  1. fionayyl03
    526 reviews

    Eye-catching, but tends to be on the dry side

    3 out of 5, reviewed on June 17, 2017

    Making Flower rolls is always a fun pastime for me growing up as a kid during Chinese New Year. The smell of fresh handmade buns steamed is enough to make anyone drool. I am sceptical of using frozen buns in the first place but got to try it because I was craving for one, but couldn’t find any alternative. The result? It is fluffy and slightly sweet, but because it’s the plain one, it falls on the drier side without any fillings. Because it is frozen, make sure to let it thaw completely before steaming it, because some ice may get trapped in the bun, making it harder to eat and easier for it to get tough easily. Still a good choice in case you need a cravings fix for hot steamed buns. Plus, it looks pretty too. If you want it to have more flavour, you can add in some of your favourite condiments like kaya, butter or jam.

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