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JURA F7 piano black have its clean design, expressive lines and distinct structures, the Jura F7 has a personality all of its own while still remaining discreet. This design embodies the strength, sophistication and capabilities of the machine, which is a high quality Swiss product.
JURA F7 is bulit around a self- explanatory operating concept. This means that coffee lovers can get the exact speciality they want directly, using an intuitive system. Naturally, you can ask the machine to prepare just one cup or two cups at once.

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    starsThe F7 has been great. Simple

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 9, 2017

    I decided to go with Jura for many reasons besides the positive reviews and Youtube videos. First, I was a fan of the cleaning system. You don’t have to remove the brew unit and clean and lubricate it – you just use a Jura cleaning tablet when prompted. I also read the Jura customer service is second-to-none and their customer service center is in New Jersey.

    I wanted a unit with a focus on coffee with the option for occasional milk drinks. Most of the units, including many of the Juras, have extra buttons for different milk drinks (just varying quantities of milk, really). The F7 has 3 dedicated coffee buttons and you can program the strength (amount of coffee), volume (amount of water), and temperature. There is 1 button for Cap/Latte which adds a setting for milk volume, a dedicated steamed milk only button, and a dedicated hot water button. While this is not a “one touch” unit for milk drinks, all you need to do is flip the valve to the open position to deliver your steamed milk. I guess you could call it a “two touch” then.

    I’ve used the steam function with 1% milk and Earth Balance soy milk. The low-fat milk was very lacklaster in terms of taste and foam; however, I’m one of those people that thinks low-fat milk tastes like water (it was all we had in the house at the time). The foam volume looked impressive in the glass, but it tasted like regular ‘ol milk. I think the machine just doesn’t get the milk hot enough to really caramelize the milk sugars and give it that slightly sweet taste. The soy milk was a different story altogether.

    if you’re one of those people that thinks Keurig/Nespresso is just instant coffee but you want the convenience of a single-serve, you can’t go wrong with a Jura.

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