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The new formulation of Royal Enzyme is made up of 160 kinds of vegetables, fruits, mushrooms, herbs and plants which include the precious ingredients such as Phellinus extract, Rhodiola, and Cordyceps. By adopting ancient Japanese royalty formulation which undergoes ripening, precipitation, extraction and purification, the best essence of the enzyme has been retained. It helps to adjust body condition, enhance strength and improve digestive system. It is definitely the ace for better health and vitality.

Health Benefits:

Strengthen metabolism function

  • To eliminate excessive fat, protein and purine

Improve digestive function

  • Complete digestion and nutrient absorption, promote active probiotic growth

Promote detoxification

  • Activate liver and kidney, helps to eliminate heavy metal, pathogen and metabolic residues.

Enhance body function

  • Reduce acidity in the body, fight fatigue and improve immunity.

Rejuvenate skin, reduce wrinkles

  • Prevent inflammation, defense UV light and avoid pigmentation on skin.

Improve immunity, fight against diseases.

  • Protect liver and fight against cancer.

Recommended for:

  • Royal enzyme is also recommended for enzyme fasting program for health and slim purpose.
  • It is suitable for all ages with no limitation on dosage intake.
  • Vegetarian


One spoonful (30 c.c spoon as enclosed)
30 minutes before meals, twice a day, morning and evening

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