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Healthy confectionery

Hectic lifestyle plus poor diet intake may exhaust our enzyme storage and gradually leading to various ailments. Thus, we have made enzymes available in chewable form, which is convenient and suitable for all age groups. Enzyme @ Me Candy can supply a wide range of nutrients from the fermentation of total 150 types of veggies and fruits. The sweetish sour enzyme chewy is the best alternatives for sweet tooth!

The goodness of Enzyme @ Me candy

Strengthen metabolism functions

  • Provide a wide range of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and phytochemicals with low calories to enhance normal biological functions.

Improve digestive functions

  • Supply digestive enzyme to enhance digestion and promote active probiotic growth to maintain regular bowel movement

Increase appetite and digestion

  • Trigger the flow of bile and gastric juices, causing hunger and proper digestion in old ages.

Promote detoxification

  • Eliminate excessive fat, protein, purine, and pathogen

Lower calorie intake

  • Avoid post prandial sugar spike

Increase stool size

  • shorten feces retention duration

Suitable for:

  • All age groups
  • The picky eaters − children
  • People with poor appetite especially the elder adult


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