Isabelle Lancray Masque Crème Fraîcheur aux Fruits

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This revitalizing, comprehensive cream mask is like the fountain of youth for dry, dehydrated skin. Its invigorating fresh cell treatment-like effect supports the repair and restructuring of the lipid film in the Epidermis. This is important – to restore the skin to its healthy, normal condition – so that it can implement its vital protective function. An extract from the Sicilian lemon and fresh cells from the kiwi which contain high concentrations of vitamin C and Minerals as well as a skin-energizing mix of lipid-soluble vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids stimulate the cellular metabolism, clarify and refresh the complexion and reestablish the skin’s natural balance. Kiwi fresh cells are a reliable, natural reservoir for highly effective, bioavailable vitamin C. The basis of the mask is a valuable active ingredient which, like mortar for repairing a wall, imbeds itself into the extracellular matrix of the horny layer of the epidermis.

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