Isabelle Lancray Crème Contour des yeux remodelante

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This cream Isabelle Lancray Crème Contour des yeux remodelante is a comprehensive and soft eye care for the dehydrated, demanding and sensitive eye area. This specific skin- and eye tolerated foundation with all-natural emulsifiers ensures a high adaptability; with an optimal effect. A mixture of exotic plant essences stimulates the collagen synthesis and has a long lasting restructuring effect.

A synthetic pseudo peptide ensures for an anti-neurodegenerative effect. Coated, micronized collagen spheres bind water like a sponge and have a smoothening- and plumping up effect. Kukuinut oil, integrated in the matrix of our lipid nanoparticles, have a lipogenous effect and thanks to the semipermeable film binding, a massive reduction of the trans epidermal water loss (TEWL) will be avoided.

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