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Accelerate the replacement of dead skin and improve skin texture, make the process of renewing skin cell more normalization, due to remove off the dead cell so that also has the functionality to fade the dark spots even more lightener. As the dead cell removed, so can stimulate the regeneration of deep cell and accelerate cell differentiation, promote skin cell growth, thus improving skin appearance, reduce fine lines, to achieve anti-aging effect.

With LUMISKIN™ could prevent the activation of tyrosinase enzyme. Effectively dilute the skin tone, make the skin more moisturizing and smooth, to establish mechanisms of water retention in the skin, to enhance moisture, restore and increase the elasticity of skin. Completely generate a perfect flawless younger complexion.In addition, adopt the innovative liposome technology to cladding the effective of Vitamin E freshly, together with C-Fusion play synergy whitening and anti-wrinkle effect, improving the skin dull, sallow and other aging phenomena.




All Skin Types


Apply evenly across the face or on the affected area at night time only.

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