intenseplus SynErgy Cream

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Design for the skin who has spots and partial skin dull problem, particularly aimed at stubborn sports, dull, uneven skin tone, and blemishes skin problems, dilute layers, preventing the formation of melanin.

Brand new whitening formulation, the unique white compound Melaclear2™, with patented whitening ingredient Ethyl Ascorbic Acid, natural fruit acids and a variety of whitening plant extracts VEGEWhite, play high-whitening mechanism, inhibit tyrosinase enzyme activity, resistance off melanin formation, prevent and fade the spots, improve dull, help to maintain uniform of skin to be bright and tender.

Subtilisin with natural acid speeds up skin metabolism and reduces skin aging to have tender and healthy condition. It can exfoliate mildly to renew skin with brightness.

Melaclear2 ™ contains a variety of functional hydrophilic solution, inhibit tyrosinase enzyme activity can control the formation and lower the active of melanin and metabolism, to achieve the whitening effect totally. Melaclear2™, also utilize the exfoliating ability of proteolytic enzymes to enhance the renewal of skin cell.




All Skin Types


Apply a thin layer evenly on desire area at night time. Advices of Professional Consultation are required before using this product.

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