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The first of Complexion Cream SPF 38 PA +++ comprises of maintenance essence effect, to be added with all kinds of mainte-nance essence, consist of the following main functions:

1. UV-Block:
Bio-tech sunscreens, effective against UV-A, UV-B and UV-C, block UV to decrease skin damage from environment pollution. The most comprehensive protection to the skin.

2. Whitening:
Consists of seven precious white factors from the Alps Mountain, which includes whitening agents grass cape, as a medical grade and safely natural whitening plants extract, can effectively reduce melanin and improve dull and uneven skin color, brighten the skin effectively, retain skin radiance and transparent complexion.

3. Repair:
Adding natural anti-pollution factor, with the activation to provide energy function for the skin, increase skin resistance to external sources, prevent skin damage, increase skin vitality.

4. Moisturizer:
Polyquaternium-51 and Ceramide III efficient moisturizing factor, create the complete intercellular space lipid barrier system, is the natural moisturizing barrier which can prevent the moisture losing and create highly moisturizing skin texture as well as strengthen the immune system and maintain the structural integrity of the cell.

5. Modify:
With three dimension perfect condenser technology, gives unexpected perfect makeup, it gives perfect and immediately result while under the light, achieve a natural effect, gently touch, instantly transformed into a second layer of skin, perfectly cover uneven skin tone.




All skin types.


After daily skin care procedure, dip Complexion Cream SPF 38 PA +++ with a sponge, pad evenly on the face.

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