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EGF Time Reverse Capsules
Is a natural occurring protein in human body which enables to energize and activate cell regenerative. Supplement of EGF and FGF is a basic step for retexturing skin, prevents aging skin, to get rid off wrinkles and fine lines. In addition, the Vitamin A and E are constantly perform antioxidant from free radicals; restore dry, dull and aging skin.

The combination of the most effective essence would be able to activate the cell regeneration process, strengthen the cell metabolism system, repair aging skin, boost up the water retention ability and maintain a younger looking skin.

Multi-Peptide Capsules
Safely and effectively used in skin care technology, to accelerate wound healing strengthen connective tissue and increase skin firmness make skin look plump. Promote fibroblast cell regeneration and prevent decomposition of elastin.


30 capsules (15 EGF & 15 Multi-Peptide)


Normal, Dry, Dullness or Sensitive Skin


1. Twist the upper bulgy part.
2. Pour out an essence and smear on the face and neck evenly until absorb completely.

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