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Our bodies cannot produce essential fatty acids and we have to constantly consume them through our diets. As challenging as it sounds, it can easily be done with Ichaway Sacha Inchi Oil, which has the most ideal ratios of Omega 3,6, and 9 respectively. We need these essential fatty acids to help counter the effects of improper or unbalanced diets which is the norm in today’s modern society of quick meals and fast-paced lifestyles. As a reliable source of Omega fatty acids, especially Omega 3, Inchaway Sacha Inchi Oil helps in many ways to keep our bodies functioning well and this includes boosting brain and memory functions. It also aids in eye health as well as supports a healthy heart. This Halal certified, GMO and Pesticides free superfood helps to boost the body’s metabolism which consequently aids in fat-burning and weight loss.

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