IGS English – Kid’s Public Speaking Programme
IGS English – Kid’s Public Speaking Programme

IGS English – Kid’s Public Speaking Programme

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Even to this day, people, including kids, shy away from communicating in English due to a lack of proficiency. Nevertheless, parents do understand that English language proficiency is crucial to their children’s future success – particularly if they desire a bright and budding future for them. Public speaking skills can be a great way to hone a student’s English proficiency. Apart from this, public speaking also offers a host of other benefits – for example, boosting self-confidence, fostering critical thinking and leadership skills, and helping young learners be better at communicating and connecting with others.

With its award-winning Kids’ Public Speaking Programme, IGS English has been instrumental in helping children overcome their insecurities and speak out with confidence. In this programme, a variety of fun-filled activities are provided to help young learners identify and use appropriate body language, voice projection and eye contact. This is achieved through a series of role-playing, story-telling, presentations, and public speaking exercises to train young speakers to be more poised in holding conversations, speaking to a group of people, and debating in proper English.

“We are proud of the quality of our teaching as our teachers have TEFL/TESL qualification or equivalent. Some of our teachers are also speakers at national conferences in education,” IGS English says. “We aim to mould future leaders who are confident in communication. We emphasise using language and skills in public speaking and presentation along with shaping and moulding the students’ mindsets.”

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