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Created by Mothers for Safer, Healthier Snacking

Originating from South Korea, IBOBOMI is a series of baby snacks created by two health-conscious mothers, one of whom is a nutritionist, which means that the quality and safety of the products are always kept in check. With no added flour, salt, sugar, oil, colouring, additives, artificial flavors, etc, the brand of baby snacks uses only the highest quality natural Korean raw material as ingredients, making them most suitable for the consumption of babies and children, enhancing development in their growing years.

IBOBOMI products are the only baby and child snack products in Malaysia that are SGS-tested for heavy metals, gluten and animal-free, so little ones can consume them while their parents have the peace of mind they deserve.

Vegan-friendly and suitable for vegetarians, IBOBOMI products are also HACCP certified for safer and hygienic factory production, making them not only the most appealing choice of baby snacks, but the wisest too.

  1. Ojibala Ojibala
    10 reviews

    Ibobomi snacks

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 22, 2023

    🏅Ibobomi Kids Crispy Seaweed海苔片☞纯天然海苔片,无添加任何油、盐以及防腐剂🥰独立小包装,平常出门随身携带超方便💯💐不咸很脆很香🥰🥰

    🏅Ibobomi Pop Rice snack米饼和 Rice Ring Puffs-Banana香蕉味圈圈饼🥰香香脆脆的味道天然…很香、易解在嘴里,侄女们拿吃了之后不会手粘粘的😉有ziplock的它们,吃不完可以直接zip封起来,卫生又方便🍀

    🏅Ibobomi NFC Apple Juice 苹果味果汁🍎🤗味道很纯很新鲜天然口感好🥰独立包装携带方便的它😄一包喝完刚刚好💐
    #口感天然好吃回购支持 #my100comments #100comments #Ibobomi #IbobomiMalaysia

  2. Amy No
    8 reviews

    IBOBOMI Baby Bliss: Korean Treats, Happy Eats! ✨

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 15, 2023

    My toddler is legit obsessed with IBOBOMI goodies! 🤩 These Korean treats are like magic – the Organic Pop Rice Snack, the Toddler Rice Ring Puff, the NFC Apple Juice, and the Kids Crispy Seaweed 😋

    I love that they cook these snacks with high-temperature steam, keeping all the good stuff in and saying no to oils. Plus, zip-lock packaging for the win – easy for our on-the-go adventures!

    And let’s talk about ingredients – top-notch quality, and they pass the “mom worry” test with flying colors. Clinically tested, and guess what? NO flour, salt, sugar, or preservatives. It’s a snack party my kiddo loves, and I’m all about that happy dance when he asks for more! 🎉
    #IBOBOMI #babytreats #healthysnacking #IBOBOMIBabyLove #YumYumGoodness #SnackTimeJoy

  3. Jeannietoh90
    35 reviews

    Healthy Choice for the Little One!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 15, 2023

    My child loves Ibobomi products very much. Upon trying for various items, I would give this brand a big thumb up!

    Pop Rice Snack
    • Just nice as it tastes exactly like rice! Crispy and makes the snacking time a great one. The size is quite big, but that allows the little one to grab it and enjoy it.

    Rice Ring Snack
    • As nice as Pop Rice Snack, smaller in size , and my child had fun putting the snacks as her rings before eating it. 😁

    NFC Apple Juice
    • Pure apple juice! It is very fresh and full of nutrients. It is very handy as my child still able to the vitamin she needs directly from the fruits when we are on-the-go or on vacation.

    Crispy Seaweed
    • I love this as it does not contain any additives, no sugar no salt thats the amazing part for little one.

    Overall I am satisfied with Ibobomi baby food being my little one’s preferred choice ❤️

  4. bunny_hijau85
    3 reviews

    Delicious and trusted baby snacks

    5 out of 5, reviewed on November 8, 2023

    Idris is enjoying his Ibobomi food snacks very well!😍

    ✨Ibobomi Kids Crispy Seaweed
    Healthy Food
    – No additives (oil, salt, sugar)
    – No coloring & preservatives
    – Roasted (No oil added in the making, healthy and nutritious)

    ✨Ibobomi NFC Apple Juice
    We just love the taste of fresh apples juice. All fresh apples are squeezed, and juice instantly packed into the packaging without go through the freezing process, which can preserve more nutrient from the fresh apples! It contain no artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives. Baby as early as 6 month can consume this

    ✨Ibobomi Pop Rice Snack
    There is no added wheat flour, sugar, salt, or any preservatives. It is cooked by high temperature steam, so no oil used😍 It also melts easily in mouth.

    ✨Ibobomi Rice Ring Puffs- Banana(12m+)
    It is gluten-free and made with carefully selected ingredients. It also Contain no artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives.

    Overall, mommy and Idris do love Ibobomi products as it is safe for my kid

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