Horleys Ripped Factors Whey Protein

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Fat-shredding and muscle definition-focused training programmes (not mass building), weight management, as a fat-metabolism-boosting meal replacement, supporting retention of hard earned muscle especially during a low calorie diet and workout recovery.

Ripped Factors is a thermogenic, a protein and a nutritional insurance policy all in the same container.  A premium Whey Protein Isolate with high natural BCAA content provides the fastest, most effective absorption to support lean muscle development, plus ultra low sugar/lactose, with fat and thermogenic fat loss ingredients to support weight loss. 15 vitamins and minerals have been added to provide nutritional support for general wellbeing, and additional nutrients provide workout performance and immune system support.

  • 85% Pure NZ WPI
  • Ultra low fat and carbs
  • Essential vitamins and minerals
  • C4 metabolic complex with Caffeine, L-Carnitine, HCA and Chromium
  • Glutamine, Dimethylglycine, L-Tyrosine and Bioperine
  1. James Lee
    2 reviews

    Experince of the product

    3 out of 5, reviewed on March 19, 2018

    This product I used before as a running training dietary product , it is quit useful u will get more sweating as hard as you run toward 1 hour a day , it helps to giving the power from your tiredness , this product is suitable for people who needed for weight loss , is recommend for Light builders or jogger .

  2. Jutaan Emil
    3 reviews

    Muscle grows and lean

    5 out of 5, reviewed on March 12, 2018

    I tried Horleys Ripped Factors during my last cut. The reason i actually considered buying it was because at the time i needed a protein powder to help promote muscle anabolism while i was cutting. So i was in a local nutrition shop when i saw it. I noticed that it also contained a few ingredients to help promote fat loss. So i bought it. It cost me about $80, which i consider to be quite expensive when your only recieving 800g of primarily a protein blend. However when taking into account that the product also contained added fat loss enhancers, as well as quite a few vitamins and minarals, the price no longer seemed that extravagent. I have to say that i bought several more containers for the duration of the cut as i was pleased with the results from the first. Obviously i cant contribute all the results i had with the product, as i had my diet and training tweaked for cutting, but i personally belive this product did play a major role in helping with fat loss whilst preventing muscle catbolsim.

    I havent personally come across any other products to compare this with, although i have extensive experience with various other protein powders, this i the only one i have tried that incorperates fat metabolisers into its formula.

    On a scale of 1 to 10 i would rate this product a 7 on cost effectiveness, overall, 9 out of 10. I was very satisfied with the product and will most likely be using it again on my next cut.

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