Horleys Carb Less Delight

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low-carb diets, weight management and small-appetite indulgence – especially for chocolate cravings.

The perfect little low carb afternoon snack or treat, petite Carb Less Delight bars are deliciously decadent layers of caramel, nuggets and nougat! A protein packed, low sugar treat that tastes unbelievably good, they’re the ideal complement to your smart eating plan, and make great petite snacks.

  1. sayed07
    2 reviews

    Murah dan sedap

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 2, 2020

    Horleys Carb Less Delight …bgi aku sedap and murah bagus laa utk buat alas perut time pergi sekolah pastu makan mudah rasa keyang blh laa kalau nk diet makan coklat niii bayak protein tk rugi pun banyak je jual kat pasar raya tuu

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