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HOMESOY No Sugar Added is as natural as any homemade soya milk can be. Enjoy the natural sweetness of fine soya milk without the added calories from sugar. The brand name “HOMESOY” denotes the meaning of warmth and family. The brand icon – ‘soya in a bowl’ denotes naturalness, wholesome and home style recipe.  For those who wants to cut down their sugar intake, you have the option of HOMESOY No Sugar Added. This aligns with and leverages the brand’s tagline “As Natural as You Can Get”. It also reinforces the brand’s promise of great taste of home-made soya milk as taste is one of the key drivers in consumers’ brand choice. The fast increasing numbers of health-conscious consumers, HOMESOY Soya Milk in TBA 1 litre was introduced to offer consumer a wholesome HOMESOY that made with 100% soy beans and 100% cane sugar. HOMESOY is targeted to users, who are willing to pay a fraction more of price to enjoy the goodness of natural soya milk. HOMESOY has got itself certified complying to the EU and USDA standards, assures you of a product free from pesticides and additives.

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