HiPP JUNIOR Organic Growing-up Milk
HiPP JUNIOR Organic Growing-up Milk

HiPP JUNIOR Organic Growing-up Milk

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HiPP JUNIOR Organic Growing-up Milk is the perfect choice for parents who want the best for their children. The No.1 organic milk formula brand in Europe, it is the flagship product of HiPP, an expert in paediatric nutrition with more than 120 years of experience.

Fully imported from Germany, HiPP JUNIOR is formulated with the finest organic ingredients to give your child all the essential nutrients they need to grow strong and healthy without the added sugars and harmful chemicals.

HiPP JUNIOR Organic comes with:

  • 100% Organic Milk Lactose and No Added Sugars.
  • Scientifically proven GOS, organic dietary fibre to support healthy intestinal flora.
  • Free from GMOs with no use of chemically synthesized pesticides and insecticides, no artificial fertilizers, no growth hormones and no prophylactic antibiotics.

Join the thousands of mothers who have voted for HiPP JUNIOR as their favourite organic milk brand and give your child the best start possible!

很多父母都希望在孩子成长与发育过程里赋予最好的扶持;HiPP JUNIOR 有机幼儿成长奶粉,就是很多父母们的完美首选。名副其实的欧洲第一有机奶粉品牌,HiPP 已有120余年历史的儿科营养专家。

HiPP JUNIOR 有机幼儿成长奶粉由德国原装进口,严选最优质的有机成分配制而成,专门为孩子提供有助健康成长的所有必需营养素;最重要的是,不含添加糖分、也不含有害化学物的有机配方,让孩子们变得更强壮和健康。

HiPP JUNIOR 有机幼儿成长奶粉富含:

  • 100%纯有机牛奶乳糖,不含添加糖。
  • 科学证明的GOS半乳糖益生元膳食纤维,以支持健康的肠道菌群。
  • 不采用转基因成分(GMO),不用化学合成农药和杀虫剂,不使用化肥、也不使用生长激素和预防性抗生素。

加入成千上万的母亲们投票支持HiPP JUNIOR作为他们最喜欢的有机幼儿牛奶品牌,纯天然有机优质成分给予您的孩子一个健康安心成长的好开始!

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