HERBEA AQUA Plus Cleansing Gel

Product Details

HERBEA AQUA Plus Cleansing Gel is a mild cleanser which formulated with plant-based ingredients, which would not dry out your skin even you wash your face with it for multiple times a day. As air pollution is getting serious, we need to clean our face more than twice per day to prevent the dirt accumulate on our skin and cause blackheads or acne.

Furthermore, HERBEA AQUA Plus Cleansing Gel is SLS free. Basically, SLS is the ingredient used to be found in cleanser, but it is too harsh and will stripe off your natural layer of sebum on your skin. This will cause your skin to dried out, sheds, sensitive and over-produce sebum (oil).

Overall benefits you could expect from HERBEA AQUA Plus Cleansing Gel are:
* Your skin would be cleansed gently and effectively
* Your skin would feel fresh, soft and smooth after cleansing
* You can clean your face multiple times per day

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