Henry Blooms Probiotic Mouthwash
Henry Blooms Probiotic Mouthwash

Henry Blooms Probiotic Mouthwash

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Mouthwash, or an oral rinse, is used to rinse your teeth, gums, and mouth. It usually contains an antiseptic to kill harmful bacteria that can live between your teeth and on your tongue. Some use mouthwash to fight against bad breath, while others use it to try to prevent tooth decay. Mouthwash doesn’t replace brushing your teeth or flossing in terms of oral hygiene, and it’s only effective when used correctly. It’s also important to understand that different product formulas contain different ingredients, and not all mouthwashes can strengthen your teeth.

Henry Blooms Ultra-Sensitive Probiotic Mouthwash and Probiotic Whitening Mouthwash has won this category for its winning formula. The Ultra-Sensitive Probiotic Mouthwash provides gentle mouth care with the addition of probiotic protection. While the Probiotic Whitening Mouthwash naturally whitens teeth and delivers powerful cavity and probiotic protection for premium oral health.

The non-irritating formula is alcohol and peroxide free for sensitive mouths and harnesses the power of Dental-Lac® probiotic protection to balance the microflora and delicate pH in the mouth. Gentle for sensitive teeth and gums, Henry Blooms’ mouthwash also promotes fresh breath with its natural Peppermint flavour.

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