Happy Baby Confinement Centre
Happy Baby Confinement Centre

Happy Baby Confinement Centre

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Happy Baby Confinement Centre provides you and the baby with the most comfortable to care for your baby. After giving birth, it is important for mothers to practice a wholesome and restful confinement period. Since taking care of newborns is not an easy task, the mother who just gave birth needs to rest to restore her strength body, mind and soul.
Our Center is located at the peak of Bukit Puchong, 450 feet above sea level, with a spacious built-up area of 3,850 sq ft. Surrounded by greenery, our rooms have access to magnificent views of the city’s landscape.
We have comfortable rooms with attached bathrooms and a spacious living room for the convenience of our residents. Our master suite is located at the top floor, with its own resting area and a large wardrobe. It is also equipped with private deck a and roof terrace, so you can truly appreciate the panoramic views. We purify the air of the centre with an Australian-made UVC air purifier to kill 99/9% of pathogens in the air and on surfaces. Our trained nurses are on hand to care for the infants and provide guidance to moms. During the confinement period, we encourage dads to stay with their wives at no additional charge.
For more information about Happy Baby Confinement Centre, visit Facebook page or contact us at +6010-256 6606 (mobile) and happybabyconfinementcenter@gmail.com (email).
Location: Puchong

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