Hadatuko Whitening & Lifting Massage Cream

Product Details


Made with components of fruits, helps to block the melanin pigment, whiten and soften as well as moisturize the skin. Moreover, contains several types of vitamins, help anti-oxidation, accelerate metabolism, stimulate collagen hyperplasia, against wrinkles and acne, also other effects, the skin is then back to the smooth condition.


  • Light and soft texture: Smooth and thin, very easy to use over face and skin then looks perfectly silky.
  • Various natural ingredients: No burden caused to skin and it results in super-hydrating and compressing effects.
  • Rose fragrance: The fresh scent helps to relieve the tensed and tiring skin.

How To Use

  • Take appropriate amount of massage cream, apply on face evenly and gently massage with the circular motion.
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