Gummykids M-vite Gummy Bear – Optimize Appetite

Product Details

Gummykids M-Vite Gummy Bear is kids multivitamin and mineral that optimize appetite & growth of your children. It is a product from Canada.

Get Daily Dose of Multivitamins! 

1. Excellent source of multivitamins for children

  • Contains 13 types of vitamins and minerals

2. Great fruity taste

  • Kids’ favourite and no artificial coloring

3. With pectin, no gelatin

  • Safer and better plant source, no animal source

4. Gummy form and bear shape

  • Small and easily consumed

Gummykids M-Vites Specially for Children 

  • Enhances appetite
  • Replenish complete nutrients
  • Promotes growth and development
  • Maintains overall health and immunity
  • Promotes healthy skin
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