Guardian Protect & Clean Antibacterial Wipes Fragrance Free

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Guardian Antibacterial Wipes are formulated to keep your family clean and fresh. They are alcohol- and paraben- free. It is embosed with honeycomb cushions which give a softer and thicker feel. Suitable for cleaning hands and face while you are at home or on holiday. Each wipe is fragrance-free. Resealable pack for convenience.

Direction for Use

Peel back the adhesive flap and pull out wipes. Seal back the flap to keep wipes moist.

  1. aemanie81
    74 reviews

    Good quality

    5 out of 5, reviewed on December 10, 2021

    This wet wipes are good to have in your handbag to clean surfaces when dining out. I’d use it to wipe my hands after touching surfaces. It’s good to use before using the hand sanitizer. In terms of cleaning, I think it does a fairly good job. It is pretty “wet”. Not bad for a house brand wet wipes. If you are looking for something to wipe your baby’s hand or bum bum, I’d recommend getting an actual wipes for baby with hypoallergenic formula.

  2. Crystaline Liaw
    1 reviews

    Great product

    5 out of 5, reviewed on August 16, 2020

    This product is just great especially for me , it’s soft and gentle on the skin. It helps to remove dirts and no irritation on my skin when I’m on a vacation.

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