GT&F® Milk Powder

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  • GT&F® Milk Powder is a specially formulated GTF (Glucose Tolerance Factor) supplement. It is made by blending trivalent chromium, whey protein concentrated and New Zealand best grade milk powder. This is to mimic the natural activity of GTF in mother’s breastmilk (colostrums), in which essential nutrient like chromium is easily absorbed.
  • GT&F® Milk is 100% natural and low in Glycemic Index (GI). It is rich in biologically active GTF, lactoferrin, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and vitamins.
  • GT&F® Milk can effectively boost insulin function. Research shows that regular intake of GT&F® Milk can improve one’s blood glucose level, blood lipids level as well as better control of fatty liver and cardiovascular disease. GT&F® Milk is also beneficial in wound healing and reduce inflammation.
  • GT&F® Milk is a Halal product,
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