Greenland Kids (G-Kids) Theme Park

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G-Kids (Greenland Kids) is a children-oriented edutainment centre that turns real-life educational experiences into a fantasy of fun discovery and exploration!

By blending learning and reality with entertainment in the world of occupations, G-Kids is the perfect learning platform to boost communication skills and to provide children with a better understanding of different jobs, inspiring them to pursue their future careers and to explore the world of opportunities.

G-Kids welcomes children from ages 4 to 12 to experience the world of occupations. In addition, children will be able to learn the value of money as they will be given “G-Coinz”, the currency used in the theme park to earn and spend as they participate in all the activities.G-Kids boasts more than 30 real-life edutainment stations for that fun discovery and exploration!

Escape from today’s digital world and cultivate your child’s skills and talents at G-Kids, located at Permas Jaya, Stellar Walk!

Experience and let the dream sail at G-Kids!

Opening Times: 10am-5pm

Address: Jalan Persiaran Senibong, Teluk Senibong, Masai, Johor, Malaysia


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