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Bye-Bye Cicak

  • Bye-Bye Cicak is a remarkable all-natural gecko repellents that has two unique features.
  • First, it works by stinging the geckos and distorting its senses.
  • Second, it repels small insects, the main food source for geckos.
  • This lack of food forces geckos to leave for good.

Bye-Bye Lipas

  • Bye-Bye Lipas is an all-natural formulation that shocks and disorientate cockroaches.
  • Use it frequently to repel this nasty pest and ensure its full migration from any household.

Bye-Bye Semut

  • Bye-Bye Semut is not your typical ant repellent.
  • When ants comes into contact with this formulation, it does not kill.
  • Its scent ignites spasms in their bodies.
  • As the scent is carried back to the colony, it provokes a nest migration.
  • This is the perfect solution to eliminate ant colonies in your home.

Bye-Bye Nyamuk

  • Bye-Bye Nyamuk is the safest and most versatile personal protection that keep aedes mosquitos at bay without exposure to harmful chemicals found in popular repellents.
  • Aedes mosquitoes transmit dangerous viruses such as dengue, Zika, chikungunya and yellow fever.
  • Give yourself the peace of mind – no aedes mosquitos and no toxic synthetic chemicals in your home.
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