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Rich, strong and full-bodied. Hand-picked in the Dimbula Valley of Sri Lanka.


Tea from the Dimbula region was a favourite of the English and Scottish planters who pioneered the Ceylon tea industry. The name however, was coined by an Edinburgh tea maker in his effort to market his tea. He settled on the term ‘Breakfast Tea’, with London tea houses later adding ‘English’.

Today, English Breakfast tea remains hugely popular across the world. Its strength and character permit the addition of milk, cream, honey or sugar, but it’s just as good enjoyed straight.

  1. efizazakeri25
    57 reviews

    Love the flavour & the scent of tea

    4 out of 5, reviewed on July 7, 2019

    A new tea brand I have tried. Its taste & scent is different from other tea brands. The strong tea leaved scent, the aroma really hits me. The taste like a luxury tea brand when can find no where. English breakfast tea is my most favourite one & I’ll keep Dilmah brand in my tea list.

    p/s: All reviews by me are not paid or sponsored, not copied from any source. The picture is attached as proving that I am using it.

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