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GimCat Gras Bits tablets is the perfect solution for indoor cats to fulfill their natural instinct to consume grass, a practice well-known and often observed by cat breeders. Cats instinctively eat grass to cleanse their stomach, as well as to absorb essential nutrients and active compounds. While free-roaming cats can satisfy this need outdoors, indoor cats can now enjoy the benefits of grass with GimCat Gras Bits, enriched with high-quality cat grass.

These tablets are not just a source of grass; they also provide vital minerals, trace elements, and vitamins, ensuring your cat receives a well-rounded boost to their nutrition. The special aromatic blend makes this grass irresistibly appealing to cats, making GimCat Gras Bits a hit among our feline friends. In addition to being a source of natural vitamins from grass, these tablets support the stomach and digestive system, contributing to your cat’s overall well-being.

GimCat Gras Bits tablets are convenient and easy to serve, free from artificial dyes, ensuring your cat enjoys a healthy and natural treat. This product is a delightful delicacy, packed with the goodness of grass, designed to cater to your cat’s unique nutritional needs.

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