Geparlys Unpredictable Gentlemen EDT

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Ease, maturity and independence in the language of fragrances is nothing else than Geparlys Glenn Perri Unpredictable Gentlemen. Its owner is strong and confident in himself, he goes through life without anyone’s help, he wants to know and feel the world with every cell of his body. The fragrance of the Unpredictable Gentlemen inspires and encourages us to set off towards adventure. He emphasizes the indomitable character of the true winner and conqueror of women’s hearts. From the initial notes Unpredictable Gentlemen feel the elegance of geranium, tangerine peel and cinnamon. The burning “heart” of the fragrance conceals the greatness of the notes of the agave decorated with a warm and pleasant framing of hazelnut. A plume of perfume has cedar haze and is charged with muscular sensuality. Unpredictable Gentlemen opens a new world and new opportunities!

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