Gerber Rice Cereal, Single Grain

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  • Baby’s 1 food source for iron in an easy to use package.
  • Our less mess package is easy to open, close, pour or scoop Among the foods baby eats, Gerber cereals are the 1 source of iron & 10 essential vitamins & minerals 2 servings a day = 90% of babies daily value for iron.
  1. Qihan20
    41 reviews

    Gerber Rice Single Grain Cereal

    5 out of 5, reviewed on February 13, 2020

    My 5 month’s old baby girl started to take rice cereal , some people say have to wait for 6 month’s old only can take food supplement for baby .However,i notice this Gerber rice single grain cereal works very well on my baby.At least my baby can finished all the breast milk mixture with a full tablespoon rice cereal. It is easy to dilute ,easy to cooked and ready to serve.I am satisfy with the flavour and no problem on digestion after a week my baby started the rice cereal!She seems excited every time i prepare the cereal feeding.Due to she is only 5 month’s old, i just started with a full table spoon mixture breastmilk in the morning or noon feeding.Is advisable to prevent night feeding on the rice cereal which may caused indigestion for night’s sleep.( for baby less than 6 month’s old)

  2. Nor Othman
    1346 reviews

    My baby loves it!

    5 out of 5, reviewed on October 25, 2017

    My baby loves it. It was the first solid food we introduced. We mixed it later with some fruit and he also enjoyed it.

  3. 溦溦 林
    473 reviews

    very easily and was easy to prepare

    4 out of 5, reviewed on September 8, 2017

    Great cereal! My daughter loves it. Not hard on her tummy at all. it very easily and was easy to prepare.

  4. Niki Tay
    996 reviews


    2 out of 5, reviewed on July 21, 2017


  5. leekahseng12
    323 reviews

    My son love Rice more

    2 out of 5, reviewed on July 12, 2017

    we have bought this for my son to try , at the first he still accept it, but after few months he reject and we found that he more like to have rice.

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