Garden Of Eden Tea Tree E Serum

Product Details

Formulated from a blend of pure Australian Tea Tree Oil, natural vitamin E and grape seed oil, Garden Of Eden Tea Tree E is the perfect antiseptic solution for insect bites, minor cuts and bruises, and other skin irritations. This serum is highly effective in suppressing skin infections and inflammations, yet safe to the skin. When applied on skin, it also helps repel insects such as mosquitoes.

Ingredients of Eradicate Insets

Tea Tree Oil, Natural vitamin E, Grape seed oil

Triple Action Benefits of Eradicate Insects

  1. Prevents infection or inflammation caused by insect bites
  2. Promotes healing of bruises & cuts
  3. Repels insects such as mosquitoes
  4. Safe to apply on baby’s skin

Eradicate Insects Suitable For

Insect bites, bruises & cuts, superficial skin infections

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