Fuji Japanese Matcha Green Tea Powder

Product Details

-Imported from Japan
-From Shizuoka, Japan
-100% Natural Pure Green tea
-No additive, no coloring, no flavoring
-Green color

Fuji area in Shizuoka is famous for producing good green tea leaf and widely exported to many countries.

This green tea powder is mainly used for food preparation such as matcha latte, baking matcha cake , matcha dessert. You may also use this for matcha drink for everyday health.

Matcha is very healthy food and it contains very high antioxidants which helps in anti aging and skincare, weight loss and many more.

Compare to our other matcha products, thus product has lower fragrance and taste slightly stronger. Who prefer strong taste may like this.

Matcha benefits:
– Weight loss
– skin care
– Anti-aging
– prevent cancer
– many more

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