Fruity Juicy Detox Natural Fruit Juice Detox & Slimming Drink

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Fruity Juicy Detox is produced in accordance with health supplements standards. It contains the unique formulation, which is a proprietary blend of high-quality fruits and botanical extract combined in the right proportions required for an effective body detoxification.

With no added sugar, artificial colouring and preservative, the formula ensures all organs receive adequate support to withstand the amount of toxin charging into the body and convert them into easy waste to be excreted. Unlike any other detox products marketed that only target on stimulating bowel movement, Fruity Juicy Detox provides optimal support that your entire body needed for detoxification by promoting a more comprehensive inner cleansing process.
This all-in-one detoxification mechanism richly packed into convenient in order to help you restore a healthier and lighter body.

With extensive research and studies with over 200 people in 3 years intensive trials carried out by a team of nutritionists from France, Fruity Juicy Detox has been scientifically proven to successfully detox your body from toxins and waste materials in the body without eliminating essential minerals.

Mix 1 sachet with 150 – 200 ml of water and consume before bedtime.

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