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Organic linden hydrosol is a general calmant. This lime water soothes both nerves and stress conditions, as itchy or irritated skin. The floral water of linden, to a decongestant action for the swollen skins

Botanical Name:Tilia Vulgaris

Method of production: First cold pressing

Organoleptic properties: Most of the time, clear liquid and Colorless

Olfactory notes: Sweet, honeyed, slightly lemony odor

Flavor: Honey, slightly lemony

Beauty: Soothes redness, itching and calms tightness, cleanses and softens the skin, illuminates and brightens the complexion.

Properties in aromatherapy: Dry skin, devitalised, sensitive skin, itching, irritations, rash, dry eczema, psoriasis, irritated and fragile scalp, anti-inflammatory, decongesting, insomnia, anxiety sleep, nervous fatigue, hysteria.

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