Firenzzi FK1700 Smart Jug Kettle

Product Details

Firenzzi Smart Kettle FK-1700 comes with micro control setting. It can maintain the temperature at 80-90 degrees for making coffee and tea. You can also set the temperature at 50 degrees to prepare milk for your baby. Or set it to 40 degrees for warm drinking water.imageThanks to Firenzzi innovative health care products that make life easier and happier.Firenzzi FK-1700 comes with top grade one piece SUS #304 inner stainless steel to ensure the healthiest drinking water. Going through the water purifier is not enough if you do not have the most health concerned electric kettle.The FK-1700 comes with a cool touch body (polypropylene plastics) casing with 360 degree rotating base and a user friendly screen touch control. Most importantly FK-1700 boils at 100 degrees to ensure the water is fully safe for drinking before auto cut off.

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