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The very first Farlin easy feeder came from the observation from the babies. For Farlin the greatest hope is to satisfy every baby’s need. Carried on this hope, they combine with stylistic requirement and which is the next defining aspect of the Farlin brand. Farlin products are as unique as the little people for whom the products are made. Farlin’s Oxygenic Enzyme Detergent is one of the many innovative creations of the company. Instead of being just another run of the mill product, Farlin’s Oxygenic Enzyme Detergent has many unique characteristics that set it apart from its competition in the market.


As it is well- known, children tend to always soil their clothing or dirty them because of them still in their potty training stage or because of their active nature. So their clothing would require constant washing. Unfortunately, the normal detergents in the market are not child-friendly as they contain chemicals that are harsh on a child’s skin. But not Farlin’s Oxygenic Enzyme Detergent. It is specially designed with both the baby’s health and hygiene in mind.

Safe Ingredients

Farlin’s Oxygenic Enzyme Detergent is completely organic and does not contain any chloric bleaching agents at all making it completely safe on a baby’s sensitive skin. Its organic nature also makes sure that clothes do not turn yellow after continuous use.


It is not only safe for the child but Farlin’s Baby Clothing Detergent is also good at what it does. It is capable of cleaning out dirt and stains completely. Plus the Baby Clothing Detergent also incorporates a unique anti-stink formula to remove foul odour that occur from soiling, ensuring that the baby’s clothes smell fresh continuously.

  1. connienee30
    135 reviews


    4 out of 5, reviewed on July 21, 2017

    I have a child in potty training and noticed all the clothes smelled like urine even after cleaning. I got this product in desperation to get rid of the smell. It is the only product I have found to do laundry that will take out the smell. Because it is odorless I usually add a little of the lavender odorban for a lovely smell after wash and dry.

    Besides, this product also work well for adult clothes. I use it on my gym clothes and it seems to work better than standard detergents. It takes away the gym stink and the load that it is able to clean is decent size.

    Love it!

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