FAQ & T&C For Product In Exchange for Reviews

I don’t live in Malaysia, can I join?

No, we are currently only accepting participation from Malaysian residents.

Do I have to let you know when I do a review?


How do you know if I do my review?

Our team cross references the reviews of every product we promote several days after the promotion. If you received a product and we cannot find your review on 100 Comments, you will be contacted and be given a grace period to either identify your review or write your review. If the review is not forthcoming we will suspend your account and you will no longer be able to receive products via our promotions.

Do I have to write a positive product review?

You are only obligated to write an honest product review and sometimes that will mean a negative review. If your item arrived damaged, please refrain from writing a bad review on that basis as that is outside of the control of the company and can be easily fixed. If you do feel compelled to write a negative review, that’s OK but please be considerate about what you’re writing.

If for example you are reviewing a cellulite cream and the product says that you have to make dietary changes and exercise as well and you didn’t do that, then a negative review is not really warranted.

Remember that there are real people behind these products and they have invested a lot of time and money into putting their product into the marketplace. Your review will stay on 100 Comments forever and it will have a real financial impact on someone’s business so please keep that in mind when reviewing. That being said, we only expect an honest review.

How should I write a product review?

We want you to write an honest, unbiased review of the product. You can include your experience in using it, what you liked about, and what you don’t. The criteria for this particular product review are:

– Review length: 50 to 150 words in any language

– Review should be accompanied with photos and/or videos

Here are a few examples of a typical 100 Comments review:

Headline: Easy to use!

Review: It is really easy to assemble. Compared with some other travel cots, the mattress is really comfortable so that you don’t have to buy another one, which is a bit of a hidden expense. Our baby slept really well in this. Only slight bad point is that it is quite high which makes reaching in quite an effort. However, I don’t think this is much different from most other travel cots and may well be a bonus when the cot is being used as a playpen, especially for an older toddler.


Review: I am using this soothing massage oil for my baby during her early months.
This is good because it’s:
– Made up of soy oil
– Not heavy on skin
– Absorbs completely
– Pleasant smell
– Doesn’t cause colds
– Non-sticky
– Can’t be used on the face
– A bit pricey compared to other massaging oils
This is a massage oil made for babies. It can be used regularly since it doesn’t cause cold on babies. My baby loves massaging with this oil, she is so sensitive that whenever I touch her tummy she giggles uncontrollably! Massaging with this oil promotes a great time of bonding between us.

For more details about our review guidelines, go to https://100comments.com/review-guidelines/

Do I get paid for writing reviews?

No. You do not get paid. You just get a free product in exchange for your review.

I have received the item before. Should I get it again?

No. If you have already received a particular product as part of the 100 Comments community, or if you have reviewed the product previously, please do not participate in that particular promotion. Remember, your obligation is to review the product in exchange for getting it for free.

How long do I have to write the review?

For this product, you have until 4 October to write the product review. In most cases you should write your product review within 7 days of receiving the item.

Can I review the product on my own blog?

It’s not necessary but you may do so if you wish.

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