Review Guidelines

We love to know what you think! Your feedback about the products and services you have experience with will help other shoppers make the right purchasing decisions. Tell us about your experience – what you like or don’t like, did it work as advertised or didn’t it?

Who can write

If you have experience with the product and service, you are certainly qualified to write a review about it.

How to write

  • Register and login at
  • Choose a product you have used before, rate it and leave an fair review about your experience using it. By fair, we mean:
    • What you liked about it (if relevant)
    • What you disliked about it (if relevant)
    • A brief conclusion. Feel free to compare it with related products or services you’ve encountered.
    • The review should be a minimum of 20 words with a maximum of 5,000 words and can be in any language.
  • For image reviews, do write a brief introduction.
  • We encourage you to be sincere and leave your honest opinion about the product or service. Reviews that are critical would not be removed as we believe it can be helpful to inform our readers’ purchasing decisions.
  • Don’t post overly positive or glowing reviews that sound like “marketing-speak”. We reserve the right to determine what’s considered as marketing-speak.

Why reviews are rejected or removed

We reserve the right to delete reviews, comments and/or remove your account if you exhibit the following:

  • reviews that are not related to the product or service. This includes feedback about the seller, product availability or delivery experience.
  • setting up multiple accounts. An individual may only have one account.
  • flooding of irrelevant comments or questions
  • including external links that are irrelevant
  • including advertising or link promotions
  • swearing or personal/discriminatory attacks

Legal policy

We will review each removal requests pertaining to breaches to our Review Guidelines, provided that they contain detailed and factual evidence.

We do not tolerate threatening requests and reserve the right to remove our account and notify the relevant authorities of the threat.