Faber Wall Fan FWF TORNADO V 1632 With Remote Control (16″)

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One of the main appliances that are produced by Faber is fans. A versatile size of homes and offices, Faber Wall Fan Tornado V 1632 is the perfect fan to battle stifling heat condition or stuffy enclosed spaces with an arsenal of effective air-cooling features. This fan comes with 5 blades to give comfortable wind flowing at all times. Free up some floor space with this easy mounted fans. It is great to be installed in the living rooms, family rooms, or bedrooms. There are three speed settings which allow for comfortable wind flowing depending on the condition of the room. Choose from gentle breeze, steady wind, or maximum heat-busting blast. Fans are one of the most essential components of any household. In addition to all great features that it has, this wall fan has a swiveling head can be tilted and controlled for directed airflow. To top that there is a remote control equipped with this fan so you don’t have to walk all the way to the fan to change its setting.

Key Features

  • 55 Watt
  • 3 speed control
  • 5 blades with strong wind
  • With remote control function
  • Packing Size :450 X 185 X 450 mm
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    4 out of 5, reviewed on February 19, 2018

    Di dalam bilik TAMU saya memasang kipas dinding berjenama Faber ini. Di lengkapi dengan remote control dan Amat sesuai sekali. Boleh di laras kelajuannya. Kipas ini juga mudah di bukak dan senang untuk di cuci. Selamat di gunakan. Mempunyai 3 speed dan mempunyai 5 bilah kipas. Sungguh laju dan sejuk. Menjimatkan kuasa elektrik. Senang di pasang. Mempunyai alat ganti yang mudah di dapati di kedai spare part. Harga yang berpatutan.

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