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MilkHero Nipple is finally here – the dots are specially designed to facilitate the transition between breastfeeding and bottle.

MILKHERO DESIGN – very similar to the mother’s chest                                  MillkHero Nipple simplifies the transition between breastfeeding and bottle. After a very long and thorough development of the production of the bottle’s most important part, we are very proud of MilkHero Nipple. The Nipple resembles the mother’s breast to a great extent! The Nipple has a flexible top and is based on high quality medical silicone, with a well-balanced softness that is very comfortable in the baby’s mouth.

SOFT SILICON SURFACE – Feels familiar to your baby!
The soft silicone surface gives your baby a familiar feeling so that the baby feels safe drinking from the bottle’s teat.

ANTI-COLIC SYSTEM – counteracts stomachaches!
The Nipple has an anti-colic system that prevents sore stomachs. The MilkHero anti-colic system creates a smooth flow that counteracts gas, colic, reflux and vomiting.

GOOD MATERIALS – Specially selected material!
The Nipples material is soft and comfortable for your baby.
Since it is made out of medical silicone, it is completely free of BPA and other harmful substances.
MilkHero Nipple has been tested by authorized testing institutes for your child’s safety!

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