Eun Yan Sang Hua Yan Bird’s Nest

Product Details

A superior health food rich in digestible proteins and a host of other nutrients. An ideal supplement for those with chronic cough, for women during pre and post natal times, and for health rejuvenation.


Eu Yan Sang Hua Yan Bird’s Nest is a whole-piece, tricolor nest. Harvested from special selected caves in Sarawak, the tricolor strands are left intact in its natural proportions. So the original goodness of cave-minerals and nutrients from the swiftlet’s rich diet is maintained in a complete whole-piece!

How to Use:

Use 1 piece each time, for 2 persons. Steep in warm water for 2 hours or until expanded and texture softened. Place the soaked bird’s nest in a double boiler with 2 bowls (400ml) of water and 40g of cane sugar. Double-boil for 2 hours with moderate flame. Please place unused bird’s nest in the refrigerator.

Individuals sensitive to various foods especially fluid-like protein sources like milk and eggs, should also avoid this product.



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