Eu Yan Sang Teens’ WITS

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Teens WITS nutrient-rich vegetable and fruit-based enzymatic drink packed with the goodness of seaweed DHA, Spirulina, Peptide and Lecithin. Teens’ WITS has broad spectrum of different enzymes and nutrients working in synergy to provide energy and promote overall well being. Just what growing teens need to sustain an active lifestyle, and better cope with stress, physically and mentally.


Energise Your Life!Enzymes are vital for all bodily functions, from digestion to producing energy. They enable nutrients to be utilized by the cell and body. Natural fermentation for 540 days with stringent control on temperature and humidity to ensure cultivation of the best and active strains of health-enhancing bacteria.


Vegetables, fruits, seaweed DHA, spirulina peptide, lecithin.

How to Use:

Children 1 to 6 years – 1/2 bottle each time.Adults, also suitable for pregnant women – 1 bottle each time, suggested daily consume.

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