Eu Yan Sang Superior Fallow Ginseng

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Fallow ginseng has the ability to replenish vitality, nourish the internal organs, promote metabolism, relieve fatigue and boost the immune system.


Fallow Ginseng is a ginseng which was left unintentionally in the farm after a harvest or transplant process. It grows naturally without human intervention for a long period before it is discovered, harvested and processed. During this fallow period, the abandoned farm offers an environment similar to its natural habitat, thus making this wild-stimulated ginseng with characteristics unlike that of wild ginseng, but yet totally distinct from cultivated ginseng.


100% Superior Fallow Ginseng.

How to Use:

Dosage: 5g-10g for each serving, once a week. For individual with special health conditions, please consult TCM physician before use. Preparation: Crush ginseng and place it in a porcelain double-boilder. Add 200ml of boiled water (approx. half a bowl) and double-boil for 4 hours. Do not open the double-boiler immediately. Let it cool for 1 hour, consume the soup and the ginseng, ideally 1 hour before meal. Please place the unused Fallow Ginseng under refrigerated.

Light meals (such as porridge and vegetables) a day before taking ginseng. Avoid taking radish, tea, oily or fried foods for a day after taking ginseng. Sleep early and adequately. Lead an ascetic lifestyle for a week.

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