Eu Yan Sang Pure Extract Of Cordyceps Sinensis Mycelia

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The cordyceps has long been treasured as a precious health supplement affordable only to the royal court. It has long been used as a natural tonic to strengthen vital essence and for promoting longevity.

It is traditionally use for general health to enhance men energy, stamina and building a strong body system.


Traditional valuable Chinese herbal tonic. Well tie with ginseng, deer horn to become three major tonic.

KKLIU NO: 2307/2014


Each 20ml product contains extract of the Cordyceps Sinensis Mycelia (3.5g) and water (16.5g).

How to Use:

This product is in liquid form, shake well before use. 1/2-1 bottle a day according to individual needs. Half dosage for children aged below 12.

Avoid consumption when suffering from fever or influenza. This product is not suitable for children aged below 1.


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