Eu Yan Sang Changbai Mountain Ginseng

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Strengthens life force (Qi), improves digestion and improves concentration.


There are not many herbs that can match the complete benefits provided by Changbai Mountains Ginseng. Ginseng not only guards and tonified the primal Qi in your body, it can also help increase your endurance level, heal sickness, delay aging process, eliminate fatigue and stress, and increase your immunity system.


Changbai Moutain Ginseng.

How to Use:

Crush ginseng and place it in a porcelain double-boilder. For individual with special health conditions, please consult TCM physician before use.

Light meals (such as porridge and vegetables) a day before taking ginseng. Avoid taking radish, tea, oily or fried foods for a day after taking ginseng. Sleep early and adequately. Lead an ascetic lifestyle for a week.


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