Eu Yan Sang Bird’s Nest Secret

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine, bird’s nest is considered as having a neutral (neither hot nor cold) energetic property with special influence on the lungs, kidneys and stomach. It is primarily a ‘Yin’ (nutritive fluids) tonic food. The unique substance in bird’s nest, called the Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF), is known to enhance youthful complexion, manage skin irritation and speed-up tissue repair.


There’s nothing quite like keeping a beautiful secret in the heart. Glowing with radiance and beaming with charm, every sip of Secret’s natural goodness nourishes the skin from the inside out to captivate all hearts.


Bird’s Nest, Pollen, Rock Sugar.

How to Use:

Keep in a cool and dry place. Once bottle is opened, keep refrigerated and consume it within 12 hours. This is a natural product. No preservative, artificial colouring and food stabilizer is added. Hence, the appearance might change over time.
Individual allergic to fluid-like protein, e.g. milk and eggs should avoid this product.



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