Eu Yan Sang Biotta Breuss Vegetable Juice

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Suitable for juice fasting and detox regime. Contains the ratio of sodium to potassium 1:9 which is golden ratio for human body.


It is a balance mixture of valuable vegetables, developed in a direct consultation with famous naturopath Dr. Rudolf Breuss.


Beetroot juice, Potato juice, Carrot juice, Radish juice, Celery juice and Natural lactic acid.

How to Use:

For health maintainance: Daily, 100ml-125ml
For health restoration: 3 times a day, 100ml-125ml each time.
Store away from direct sunlight in a cool dry place. Shake well before drinks. Once open, please keep in refrigerator and consumed within 5-7 days.

  1. Chinthat94
    93 reviews

    What you need for detoxification

    5 out of 5, reviewed on June 19, 2019

    Juice produced from organic vegetables that are essential for your daily needs. Safe and without any additives have been added. The taste was great, strong flavours a little bit sweet/sour and have no raw taste of vegetables.
    Easy and very convenient, as you can drink it directly without diluting. Suitable for kids too. Strongly recommend for people who have imbalance meals or eat out often. No significant side effect so far.

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